We have a 60" AVL Industrial weaving loom  which we use to weave our own alpaca products and do commission weaving for other alpaca owners. We will weave from 5m to 200m and can help you with fabric for a special outfit or can help you to produce your own line of products.

Our products include fabrics, baby blankets, wraps, throws & scarves. All are beautifully soft and range from fine & super light to warm and comforting. Even the lightweight fabrics are warm, but pack away to next to nothing for carrying in a handbag or travelling. One of our lightweight wraps won the weaving award at the 2009 Alpaca Expo.

Our commission weaving service includes advice, design and specification of yarn required which you can take to the mill or use when purchasing yarn. We cannot spin the yarn for you, but know all the options available to us in New Zealand.

We can weave with handspun yarn, but you will need thousands of metres of yarn and for the warp, it must be uniformly strong to cope with the tensions of weaving.

Our weaving studio is open by arrangement for visits and sales.