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Cuesta Care

  • Advice on farm layout, so that alpaca management is easy
  • Training on handling alpacas and routine alpaca care operations (nutrition, vacination, drenching, toe nail trimming, mating) and visits during the first year to help you with these
  • Recommendations for more advanced training
  • Invitation to join us for shearing
  • Advice on using or selling alpaca fleece, understanding fleece statistics, how to skirt fleece
  • 7 day support at the end of the phone
  • Introduction to the alpaca community

Alpacas for sale

All our alpacas are huacayas and are registered on the IAR NZ. We have a range of alpacas for sale from attractive starter packages at very reasonable prices right through to more expensive award winning alpacas.  We welcome export enquiries.  Please contact us with your requirements or for more information. 

The prices below are inclusive of GST, include delivery in the Auckland area but do not include AANZ transfer fees if you wish to register the alpacas to your herd code.


We usually have a number of young boys, who have been weaned and well halter trained and are ideal for lifestyle blocks. $700

We also have a number of halter trained older boys $400

Potential Herd Sires from $2,000 upwards


We have a range of girls for sale from those that would be great on a lifestyle property through to high quality breeding stock.

All alpacas sold come with our free, 1 year Cuesta Care support package.